About Us

Eileen Price is an independent author whose love of storytelling began at an early age.  By sixteen Eileen had discovered the joys of creative writing. While living in Southern California during the 1960’s and 1970’s, she found plenty of inspiration for her writing and it did not take long for this lifelong passion to blossom.

Libby Lights the Way is her third self-published work inspired by her love of animals and her charming puppy pal named Libby.  Eileen intends to pledge partial proceeds from this book to dog rescue organizations, in support of their tireless work finding homes in and around her community.

In 2013, Eileen began her book series, The Adventures of Tank and Silly:  Book 1 – Tank and Silly Share a Treat and Book 2 – Tank and Silly Stand Tall.  These stories follow the playful adventures of two French Bulldogs and best friends.  There are many more adventures on the horizon …including a magical trip to the North Pole where secrets are revealed.

The Adventures of Tank and Silly books are also part of a semi-annual Donate-A-Treat book campaign. Purchased books are donated to Children’s Hospitals around the country.
Eileen’s writing doesn’t stop when the books are published.  Her video project – Tank and Silly Around the World – gives children a chance to see the world.  Photographs from readers holding their books in various locations and countries was made into a delightful video.  The second world tour will be heading out very, very soon.

Prior to launching her career as a writer, Eileen developed a collection of learning games and activities focused on stimulating the imagination. These delightful games and activities will soon be brought to life at www.wearebrilliance.com.

Eileen holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix.  Studies in architecture, mathematics, and dance bring a unique quality to her writing.  In addition to storytelling, Eileen enjoys ballroom dancing, sports, dog-sitting and spending time with her two sons.